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News Updates

News Updates

Bruce Mansfield Plant – Cooling Tower Project
March 4, 2014

Here at AGE, we strive for success on every project, and below is an accolade we recently received.

Thank you for delivering the final report for the Unit 2 Cooling Tower asbestos fill abatement. The final report is very well done and contains all of the information that we need to maintain for our environmental records.

I also want to thank you for the excellent work that you and your team at Allegheny Global did for us on the Unit 2 Cooling Tower project.

We may have never received approval for the demolition of the old cooling tower fill if we would not have worked with you on the Asbestos Work Plan. The leadership that AGE provided to help us navigate through the regulatory approval process was a key element to the overall success of the project!

The information on asbestos and Legionella that AGE presented at the Outage Safety Expo on September 26 was appreciated by everyone that worked on the project and all of the plant employees that had questions/concerns about the safety issues related to asbestos and Legionella.

The asbestos awareness training that AGE provided on September 27 was very well done and because of this training, the Evaptech, Beaver Excavating, and Yates employees were able to continue their work during the demo process.

The air monitoring that AGE provided during the project enabled us to continually monitor the effectiveness of the engineering controls that we had in place and the air monitoring results were communicated to all of the superintendents on a daily basis.

The waste manifest support that AGE provided enabled us to ship 635 truckloads of asbestos containing material off site with no issues related to the manifests. Based on my previous experience with other projects that require waste manifests, this was a great improvement!

The Unit 2 Cooling Tower Fill Replacement Project was a complex. critical path, multi-million dollar capital project for the Bruce Mansfield Plant, and with sincere thanks to everyone at Allegheny Global Environmental, the project was a success.

I have shared your contact information with others that are involved with environmental work, and I would be happy to provide a very positive reference for AGE to any potential clients.

Allegheny Global Celebrates 25 Years!
May 6, 2013

25 Anniversary

Allegheny Global Environmental Inc. (AGE), is proud to announce its 25 year anniversary as a premier provider of environmental compliance solutions. AGE specializes in environmental testing, inspection, design and regulatory compliance. We are thrilled to be celebrating our 25th anniversary milestone with the many clients and employees that have been with AGE through these years. Our continued growth and prosperity is attributable to our loyal clients, who have made AGE their one-stop-shop for environmental compliance. We acknowledge and thank all our clients for the past 25 years and we will work to continue those relationships for many years to come.

Allegheny Global Environmental has recently implemented an air quality testing program for fire damaged structures. This program has been tailored from the methods used by FEMA. When there is a structure fire a number of hazardous things happen due to combustion.

1. Particulate matter in the form of carbon is created from smoke
2. Formaldehyde is created as a product of combustion
3. Polynucleaic Aromatic Hydrocarbons form as wood is charred
4. Volatile Organic Compounds form as wood is charred
5. Hydrogen Cyanide is formed as wood and wool clothing is burned
6. As the sprinkler system is activated, lead is released
7. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are generated
8. Mercury and Cadmium can settle as particulates when light bulbs are broken
9. Mercury can be formed as vapor as thermostats are burned
10. Arsenic can settle as dust as treated lumber is burned
11. Inorganic Acid salts are formed as a product of combustion
12. Asbestos fibers can be released during the fire fighting
13. Water from the fire fight can create a mold friendly environment

We regularly sample for all of these materials as well as many more that may be site specific.